Comparison of proportions is one of the main methods for describing data and testing statistical hypotheses. And the most valuable is the interval estimation by the method of confidence intervals estimating. Hypotheses of superiority, non-inferiority, equivalence can be checked by etimating confidence intervals. But if we look at the IBM SPSS, then we may first become a little upset, since SPSS offers us very modest possibilities. Instead of implementing all that is needed to assess the risk difference of IBM, we have nothing or we have complex generalized models or integration with the R Project computing environment. In this regard, an IBM SPSS extension for the R Project was developed to obtain all the required confidence intervals for table 2X2.


  • CI for each group
  • Risk Difference
  • Risk Ratio
  • Odd Ratio

R Project version: 3.3.3

R Project packages:

  • binGroup
  • PropCIs
  • pairwiseCI


Beta version 0.1.0